EZPub CMS 1.0 Beta

Cristian Banu

The "almost" final version is ready. For the moment I will not put it here for download until next week in order to test it.

Changes in 1.0 beta:

  • I have created a new folder with includes so it would not affect site settings on each update; the only downsize to this is the fact that for MS Access you will have to use fixed path.
  • I have added a poll and a new widget - top readed authors (useful feature for multi-author sites).
  • I have added a links category (blogroll, if you like).
  • I have added management for subscription and changed captcha.
  • Ironed several minor bugs.
  • Added 3 more tables to the db to acomodate the new functions.

That would be all for the functions and features in release 1.0. Untill the final release, I'll have to finish translation and add more comments to the code.

Published in : EzPub  at Thursday, January 24, 2008
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